《 The Chronicles of Narnia 6 : The Silver Chair 》

书名: 《 The Chronicles of Narnia 6 : The Silver Chair 》
译名: 《 纳尼亚传奇6:银椅 》
作者: C.S. Lewis(C.S.刘易斯)
篇幅: 243页
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用时: 2022.10.11-2022.11.27
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感想: 通过透析阅读法读的第六本英文原著,同样也是第六本作者为C.S.刘易斯的书,在纳尼亚传奇故事线顺序是第六本,出版顺序是第四本。



Eustace和他的同学Jill逃出学校时被Aslan召唤到纳尼亚,Aslan给他们的任务是寻找失踪多年的Caspian儿子来继承下一任王位。在Marsh-wiggle Puddleglum的护卫之下虽遇到不少困难,但最后还是成功进入地下解救王子并干掉了控制王子的毒蛇女巫。王子算是赶上见到了国王最后一面。


  • “Yes,” said Golg. “I have heard of those little scratches in the crust that you Topdwellers call mines. But that’s where you get dead gold, dead silver, dead gems. Down in Bism we have them alive and growing. There I’ll pick you bunches of rubies that you can eat and squeeze you a cupful of diamond juice. You won’t care much about fingering the cold, dead treasures of your shallow mines after you have tasted the live ones in Bism.”

  • The instrument dropped from her hands. Her arms appeared to be fastened to her sides. Her legs were intertwined with each other, and her feet had disappeared. The long green train of her skirt thickened and grew solid, and seemed to be all one piece with the writhing green pillar of her interlocked legs. And that writhing green pillar was curving and swaying as if it had no joints, or else were all joints. Her head was thrown far back and while her nose grew longer and longer, every other part of her face seemed to disappear, except her eyes. Huge flaming eyes they were now, without brows or lashes. All this takes time to write down; it happened so quickly that there was only just time to see it. Long before there was time to do anything, the change was complete, and the great serpent which the Witch had become, green as poison, thick as Jill’s waist, had flung two or three coils of its loathsome body round the Prince’s legs. Quick as lightning another great loop darted round, intending to pinion his sword-arm to his side. But the Prince was just in time. He raised his arms and got them clear: the living knot closed only round his chest—ready to crack his ribs like firewood when it drew tight.

  • It was full of a dim, drowsy radiance, so that here they had no need of the Earthmen’s strange lantern. The floor was soft with some kind of moss and out of this grew many strange shapes, branched and tall like trees, but flabby like mushrooms. They stood too far apart to make a forest; it was more like a park. The light (a greenish gray) seemed to come both from them and from the moss, and it was not strong enough to reach the roof of the cave, which must have been a long way overhead. Across the mild, soft, sleepy place they were now made to march. It was very sad, but with a quiet sort of sadness, like soft music.

  • Walks after the first halt—like school mornings after break or railway journeys after changing trains—never go on as they were before. When they set out again, Jill noticed that the rocky edge of the gorge had drawn nearer. And the rocks were less flat, more upright, than they had been. In fact they were like little towers of rock. And what funny shapes they were!

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